Using Story Map Example in Microsoft Office

What exactly is a story map example? With a story map example, using a story map template can be an effective approach in the classroom that helps students learn all the different parts of literature. Students are able to create their own story map example quickly and then use this as a dynamic visual organizer to aid them in learning about many other subject matters as well. This flexibility makes it simple for teachers to design lesson plans and stay on schedule.

Many teachers use story map templates as a way to provide some continuity within the lesson. Usually, there is a central theme that runs throughout most of the lesson. Themes usually include the main characters, action, climax, and resolution. To support these themes, you would need to create a number of smaller sub-themes that support each main character and plot. In order to keep things interesting, it is recommended that you use a story map example to keep students interested in learning.

It is also possible to use a story map example in order to support your point of view or instruction in a particular subject matter. For instance, if you are talking about Shakespeare, you could use a chart showing who is the main characters and what happened between them. By doing this, you show your students how important the text of the play is. They will also be able to see how the play progresses through the characters’ thoughts and actions. By making it as complex as possible, you can engage your students even more.

Story maps are also used in teaching language arts. For instance, you could turn a simple story map into a worksheet for your children to learn grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It is important not to make the maps too large, or else, they will become boring. Smaller maps may be used for easier reference and teaching the basics of a particular subject or skill. On the other hand, you could use larger maps to illustrate more complicated concepts. A large back page and a few smaller maps on the front page would serve your purpose.

You can start creating your own story maps with the use of some free Microsoft programs or you can purchase Microsoft programs designed specifically for this purpose. If you have a class assignment, you should consider using story map templates as well as story maps that you download online. These types of resources will allow you to create effective charts and graphs with just a few clicks of the mouse. It takes just a few minutes to get one together. Furthermore, you can create these maps in any format that you like, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Plaintext.

Of course, you can also just purchase story map building apps, if you prefer to go with paper and pencil. With these types of resources, you can simply use the right shapes and colors to layout the main characters in an easy way. If you are a beginner, you might want to start creating these maps with pencil and paper first, and then move on to other types of media like Microsoft programs. However, you should always remember to save your work in a text document or a PDF format so that you can easily refer to it later on.