Supreme Fill Power Of Whilst Surprisingly Lightweight Hungarian Goose Down Blankets

The Supreme fill power of Whistle Down from Hungarian Goose down duvet is an extremely efficient thermal blanket that keeps you warm and cozy for years. It is incredibly lightweight with a feel like velvet against the skin. Whilst surprisingly lightweight for such a thick down blanket, the dense warmth it gives off is superb. The down is exceptionally durable too as a result of the ultra-thin ‘bone’ core which holds all of them down.

This really is an incredible product and I highly recommend it. Whilst it is extremely lightweight, it does not make a lot of noise. This means that it is perfect to keep by your side on long walks in the early morning or evenings when the temperature can be extremely cold. It is a very snug blanket indeed, and it can also be worn with a pair of pants. It weighs about two and a half pounds total which makes it a real lightweight!

It really is quite unique because the down is filled with micro-spheres rather than feathers as most down blankets are. It is filled with a special type of foam called quilted foam which is incredibly lightweight but extremely insulating. This is due to the way the town is packed within the quilted foam. Down quilts are filled with tiny feathers which can collect moisture, but this material does not allow water to penetrate it and mold it into any kind of shape. It is this resistance, which makes the town such a great insulator.

Speaking of good insulation, the Hungarian goose-down duvet has superb insulation properties. It keeps heat in and out, meaning that it keeps you so wonderfully warm and toasty whilst lying on it. At the same time, it retains your cool air and won’t sweat you off. As it is a down-filled duvet, the down itself traps air and this means that it is incredibly airtight. It helps to keep the temperature balanced and even.

It isn’t just temperature regulation that the duvet gives though. Because it is a down-filled duvet you get a superb thermal transfer from the covering to your skin. This means that whilst the blanket will still keep you warm in the coldest of winter when the temperatures start to rise it will still be very warm for you. This is extremely important when camping as if you are going to be away from a warm cozy fire you need all the warmth you can get.

If you want an extremely warm, luxurious, and cozy blanket then the Hungarian goose-down duvet is what you need. You can get it at just under twenty dollars online, which is excellent value. Make sure you check out all the links in this article as there is a lot of other information about this superb duvet.