Features of Voicify the Enterprise

There are many benefits to integrating Voicify into your enterprise VoIP telephony solution. By simply purchasing the components themselves, you can begin developing engaging customer experiences immediately and have them running in real-time. You won’t be able to invest the time or money into buying an enterprise VoIP system, purchase a license for one of the many on-premises PBX solutions, or hire an IT staff to manage your voice system. With Voicify, all of those investments are automatically wiped out. In this article, we’ll take a look at just how easy it is to integrate Voicify into your existing enterprise voice system.

First, let’s take a look at exactly what Voicify actually does. Voicify is a stand-alone mobile application that can be used as an authentic Voicemail client and then integrated with any existing enterprise VoIP solution. When consumers plug it into their existing Voicemail account, they will be able to make unlimited, exclusive calls to cell phones, landlines, and even their laptops. This feature not only makes it very simple to manage your Voicemail messages, but it also ensures that Voicify stays completely up to date, which means it’s easy to get real-time updates and that your messages stay in your customer’s inbox.

The ability to create engaging voice applications is one of the biggest draws to Voicify. Imagine if you could have a streamlined system where you could easily create custom email campaigns, create voice samples build chatbots, and even record voice messages and responses. By being able to easily do all of that without having to rely on a complex server program is a huge advantage. That’s exactly what Voicify does, it eliminates the need for complex server programs and gives you total customization.

Another feature that sets Voicify apart from other cloud-based solutions is its groupware and community features. You can easily make groups and share files with anyone else using the groupware module. You can invite people from your organization to partake in the groupware experience as well. This allows users to join groups across the enterprise and even collaborate more easily. Voicify makes it easy to stay connected no matter where employees are located.

A final feature of Voicify that makes it stand out is its gamification of the message delivery process. Rather than just relying on text message alerts to notify customers of new messages or events, Voicify offers a gamified sequence of events so you never miss a single message or appointment. You can set up triggers to inform people of sales, product releases, or changes to policies. It also gives customers a chance to respond to messages with a simple phone call, making it easier to engage your customers and show them that you care about them.

With Voicify, an enterprise can leverage messaging apps and other communication tools while remaining highly mobile. It takes care of everything for you so you don’t have to worry about staying connected. Voicify the Enterprise is designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge enterprise voice app platforms and make managing communications easier than ever before.