Eight Slots To Win

Slot Machine Strategy by Slotsugar is one of the best selling slot games online. There are many types of SLOT machines including Slots, Multi-currents, and Jackpots. SLOT #1: Slots is a very simple slot machine that pays off well if you have a basic strategy and know how to play the machine. Slots are located at Pleasure Island Mall in Los Angeles, California. Slots is one of the highest paying slots games online.

SLOT #2: SLOT #2 is an online slot game that is similar to a slot machine #1 in that it also pays off very well when you know how to play. SLOT #2 is not actually located on the internet. Instead, it is offered as a download to your computer. Once downloaded, SLOT #2 will offer many progressive slot games for your playing pleasure.

SLOT #3: SLOT #3 offers you a progressive slot machine that has a minimum amount that must be collected to win. If no minimum is met then the machine will not pay off. SLOT #3 is offered at various locations in Los Angeles, including the Westwood Boulevard Marketplace, Third Street Promenade สล็อต, and Spring Street Park. You can find this machine in various locations around the Los Angeles area.

SLOT #4: SLOT #4 is a machine that pays off very well if you know how to handle it. This machine is located in the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown Los Angeles. SLOT #4 pays off a maximum of $20k per hour. When playing SLOT #4 you are always guaranteed to win. If you lose more than this amount then you do not get paid.

SLOT #5: SLOT #5 is a slot machine that is relatively new. SLOT #5 pays off the same amount as SLOT #4, however it does not have a minimum payout. SLOT #5 is located in the Downtown Los Angeles Skid Row. You can usually find this machine near the restrooms in the downtown area.

SLOT #6: SLOT #6 is a machine that is part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It pays off real well when it is full. The entrance fee for the Hollywood Walk of Fame is $10 dollars. This machine is typically found near the checkout line. You can find this machine during normal business hours.

SLOT #7: SLOT #7 is a machine that is located inside the Western Vinyl Office Mall. SLOT #7 pays off a maximum of ten thousand dollars per hour. This machine is not frequently seen during normal business hours, it is most often found in the evening hours when many other machines are not paying out. It pays out very well when it is full.

SLOT #8: SLOT #8 is a slot machine that is part of the Aquarium at the Westwood Boulevard Promenade. SLOT #8 pays off twenty-five hundred dollars when it is full. This machine is most often found in the late evening, right after the club closes.